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Partner Apps

Office 247

Secure Z





Licence of Office 247 app
This is the license to access Office247.
+1-2 0002000Buy Now
Licence of Selfserve app
Selfserve can be used by any business that wants customers to serve themselves, print receipts, and get service. Each such terminal will need 1 license. Or if a staff helps to serve them. For example, waiters. In that case, each waiter will then need a license.
+1-2 0002000Buy Now
Mobile handheld printer
Ideally, each terminal will need a printer. E.g. checkout counters at a supermarket. However, because it is wireless and connects remotely by Bluetooth, printers can be shared. E.g. Salons, Restaurants, mobile kiosks, etc.
+1-25 00025000Buy Now
Setup and Support
Daily costs to provide support and setup for the business. Ideally, a small business will take 1 day.
+1-15 00015000Buy Now

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Secure Zone app

Secure Zone app brings a new level of security to occasions, events or communities, helping them run smarter, more effectively, and more securely while seamlessly understanding the trends and preferences of attendees for all the benefits of efficiency and security.

It's really simple to setup.

- Register an account.
- Download the 3 Secure-Z apps.
- Order the NFC cards.
- Order Member Access according to number of guests or users.
- And if you need help, order that too per number of guests.



You have Security for the Home and for the Office block. But what about for that special occasion and for your community?

Its the future of security!
And its exquisite too!

While inviting guests, use your downloaded Secure-Z Writer app to issue NFC cards as part of the guest invitation package. Then set up the event location with Mobile devices running the Secure-Z Reader apps. Devices can be held by ushers or pasted at special points. As guests tap their cards against the reader while passing in and around the event, you get pop-ups on your Secure-Z app showing the image & identity of the card holder. You also receive instant email alerts with details of the flag ~ who, where, when. E.g.

«Jake, Jane accessed ballroom at 12.32pm, Weds. Jan5»

Also use it creatively to know guest preferences & trends. Say you have this note:

"Folks, choose meal preference by tapping against the device indicating your meal option". Then what happens is you /kitchen get alerts:

« Kitchen, Peter ordered Meal-1: Seafood. 1.47pm, Thurs, Jan6»

« Kitchen, Ryan ordered Meal-3: Italian. 2.20pm, Thurs, Jan6»

Keeps the kitchen efficient and waste to a minimum.
Arrival trends of invitees, even gives you a sense of when exactly to make your big appearance!

And get automated reports on one or all flagged-points or even on each guest. It's your occasion, enjoy retracing guest habits or trends so next time you can make it even smarter! E.g.

Kim, accessed Entrance 9.25am
Kim, accessed Exit - 9.28am
Kim, accessed Entrance - 9.45am
Kim, accessed Ballroom 9.49am
Kim, accessed Lunchroom 9.52am
Kim, ordered Italian Lunch 9.54am
Kim, accessed Exit 9.57am
Huh? Kim!!!???

Include your security guy to receive alerts too and they will instantly be put into chats according to the matrix of who you setup to receive alerts on what flags.

Original msg:

«Kim, accessed Ballroom 9.49am»


Kevin: "Hey, why exactly is Kim in the Ball room when we should be in the Lunch room? The room shouldn't be open yet. The surprise gift is in there, folks!"
Tod: My bad.
Blake: lol!

But all in all, it makes it exquisite and fits you right into the new age of security & efficiency. You can actually secure a city if you had to!


- Register an account.
- Download the 3 Secure-Z apps.
- Order the NFC cards.
- Order Member Access according to number of guests.
- And if you need help, order that too per # guests.

Click on SHOP to get started.
Then use the SETUP for instructions.



What is GoGagga Office247?

GoGagga is the new Office!

Just as you have Microsoft Office for the documentation and rationalization of the office data, you now have GoGagga Office247 for the Capture, Aggregation, Dispatch, Reporting and Collaboration of the office or business data.

The Office247 app turns your mobile device into a POS – to CAPTURE your Sales, Expense or Budget data; then DELIVERS it instantly as Alerts, Reports and Dashboards; while instantly enabling stakeholders to COLLABORATE over any transaction using the inbuilt BUSINESS CHAT. And all this is done from end-2-end in an instant, ensuring that the business maximizes its efficiency, profitability and growth.

How can my business use it?

There are a myriad of uses.

Whether you want to use it for your full business POS system or just for a special project, as long as you need to record data and need others to receive alerts, reports and collaborate over that data, Office247 is it! Below is an example.

Is the Vendor Partnership open to every country?

Absolutely! As long as you are a registered business according to the laws of your country you can be a vendor partner; however, we encourage companies that either know how to sell software or have a lot of traffic of business decision makers passing through their business.

How can I become a Vendor or Agent?

Fill out the form and send us some information about why you think you can succeed at this.

You’ll be happy you did!

How do I get setup?

1. Sign-up for an account on the home page, you will get an email in your inbox (check your spam box too). Click on the link within the email to complete the registration process.

2. Download the Office247 app from the Android Googleplay app store to every device that needs to process transactions or view dashboard reports. E.g. each Sales Terminal, Data-entry person, Manager or Stakeholder, Note that each such device will require a license.

3. You can get yourself fully up and running by following the User Guide.

What is the difference between Office247 and SelfServe?

The SelfServe app is for businesses that need to invoice prospects, who in turn either need to - or are pitched to pay at the bank; or for businesses that want clients to have the added option of self-processing their own transactions like is seen at McDonalds outlets.

SelfServe does it seamlessly.

*Contact us or your agent / vendor directly for this.

Do you have an interactive site to help businesses set up?

Sure – Go to the GoGagga Software social media site, Chitchatchannel, http://chitchatchannel.com register and select our channel, #266 for all your setup instructions and interaction with the team. Our response time is pretty quick too!


Congrats on registering your account. Once you confirm, later on, by clicking on the link in your emai, you can begin to use it for your own business.

However, for this live demo, you only need these credentiials, below. Open up the app, click on SYNCHRONIZE and put in these detalis.

User: livedemo@4gsmail.com
pwd: live

Once in you'll be set for the iteractive demo. Click here to get walk-through on some things you may like to try.